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Agricultural sector is a neglected sector in the Indian sub continent. Though agriculture is the lifeline base for about 70% of the people of India, it has been sidelined by the various governments of India.
In this context the plight of marginal farmers and the agricultural laborers is really pathetic. A large section of such people remains under the poverty line. The situation is not better in Tamil Nadu state or in Kanyakumari district.

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Most. Rev. Peter Remigious
(Bishop of Kotar)

Front Office
Nanjil Milk

Fr. S. Maria Rajendran
Managing Director


ISO 9001:2008 & MMPO Certification

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Uncompromised Quality     

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Eco-friendly atmosphere

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Milk Process

Nanjil operates milk processing

and packing in the main plant at Mulagumoodu, Kanyakumari District. Meticulous milk testing is done at each levels of milk processing. The raw milk when received is bacteria clarified by use of west Falia Bactofuge.